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Consumer demand for green, sutainable and healthy home building and home improvement products is rising dramatically. Homeowners want healthy living environments. And they want a healthy planet. Traditional building and improvement products offer little benefit toward those goals. In fact, many have adverse effects on personal health and the environment.

Manufacturers are responding with green and healthy products. But consumers remain confused about those products. They often don't understand what it takes for a product to be green and healthy, and made through sustainable practices.

The Degree of Green™ program was created to counter that confusion.

At the core of Degree of Green™ are data sheets that detail the environmental, health and sustainability attributes of various products.

Retailers who participate in the Degree of Green™ program will be able to share the program's knowledge base with their consumers.

Consumers benefit. Retailers benefit. The planet benefits.

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“Great events this week. I learned a lot but mostly what I learned is I have a lot to learn! Thanks to Andy Pace, Quint David, John Wagner and our own dealers who taught me so much!”

-- Green products seminar attendee


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Pure Life Healthy Homes

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Healthy Home


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A. Fillinger Inc.

6750 N. 43rd St.

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The Green Design Center

2201 Badger Court, Waukesha

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The Color Gallery

334 Hwy. 64, Antigo


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Your Green Home

Sustainable Furnishings Council