Degree of Green™ creator Pace speaking throughout country:

Fifteen-year "green" industry veteran Andy Pace is leveraging the Degree Of Green™ knowledge base with his thorough understanding of the green industry at speaking engagements including association and convention meetings throughout the United States.

“I found this seminar to be one of the best I’ve ever attended and I’ve attended a number of green presentations!”

-- North Carolina seminar attendee

Pace's experience running a successful green building products retailer and distributor combined with rating green building products with nationally recognized experts through the Degree Of Green™ system have allowed Pace to develop a unique understanding of the industry at many levels.

Contact Pace for your speaker needs at 1-262-719-1436.

Following are a few of his topics and engagements:

“Eco-friendly Wood Finishes”
Presented to: Chicago Center for Green Technology

“Degree of Green”
Presented to: Michigan Lumber and Building Materials Association-Emerging Leaders Conference

“Andy Pace’s seminar was extremely productive for me. Thanks!”

-- Seminar attendee

“What’s New in Green Furniture”
Presented to: Chicago Center for Green Technology

“The Legal Ramifications of LEED"

(presented with attorney Patrick Brennan)
Presented to: Associated Builders and Contractors Annual Convention

"Show Me the Green! A Thumbnail Sketch of a Healthy Home”
Presented to: Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful, MATC, WCTC, Mt. Mary College, NARI

“How to Start a Green Paint Store”
Presented to: National Hardware Show

“Healthy, Eco-Friendly Interior Finishes & Furnishings” (presented with Lyn Falk)
Presented to: Metro Builders Association Building Science Conference, Better Buildings Better Business Conference, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Continuing Education

"Healthy Interior Wall Treatments”
Presented to: Urban Ecology Center, Harrington College, WCTC

"Am I a Green Builder, or a Builder who is Green?”
Presented to: Michigan Lumber and Building Materials Association

“Degree of Green: How to Avoid Greenwashing”
Presented to: Southern Building Materials Association, National Green Builders Product Expo 2009 (scheduled to speak)

“Degree of Green: Credible Practices of Green Design”
Presented to: Hotel Brokers International, Milwaukee Small Business Expo, Southern Building Materials Association, NARI

Pace has provided dozens of "hands-on" application work shops on subjects such as installing "eco-friendly" building and remodeling materials. Contact Andy Pace at (262) 446-6702.

Degree of Green™ Program Includes Consulting On Green Retailing

Retailers who participate in the the Degree Of Green™ program not only get powerful materials to help explain green and healthy home improvement products, they also can tap into the many years of retail and distribution knowledge of the creator of the Degree Of Green™ program, Andy Pace, and his partners in the program -- the team of marketing and public relations executives at Productive Knowledge Inc.

Pace has researched and worked with many of the same products that retailers throughout the country are now offering or considering.

Productive Knowledge Inc., Pace's marketing and public relations firm, partnered with him to create and launch the Degree Of Green™ program. The public relations work of Productive Knowledge has helped to position Pace as a national and local expert in the green industry. Productive Knowledge Inc. produced the integrated marketing, merchandising, web site and positioning program for Degree Of Green™. Productive Knowledge now conducts industry research for Pace and industry publications, and has other green business clients.

Consulting work is automatically included with your subscription to the Degree Of Green™ program. Additional custom work is available on demand. Contact us at (262) 446-6702.

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