Consumers Gain Clear Comparisons of Green Building Products Through the New Degree of Green™ Program

Consumers can now quickly and easily discern whether certain products that claim to be green and healthy truely are, and to what degree. The Degree of Green™ rating program will help consumers by rating products and explaining those ratings in clear language. Through Degree of Green™ at participating retailers, consumers can quickly get information to compare products with other green, healthful and traditional offerings.

When shopping for green building products, consumers have asked three key questions: What are the health, sustainable and environmental qualities of the products? Consumers now can get the answers through the Degree of Green™ program.

Degree of Green™ lets consumers clearly see what characteristics of products make them green and healthful, the advantages and disadvantages of the products, location of final manufacturing, source of raw materials, application tips and more.

Andy Pace, creator of the Degree of Green™ rating and information system, has been hearing for years that clear, concise information for consumers has been lacking. Now the Degree of Green™ system provides important information, all in one handy rating sheet. This web site will be an source of updated product information, will list retailers that are participating, will list manufacturers and their products, and will continue to aid consumers with detailed information on green and healthful products.

To find out which green retailer in your area is a Degree of Green™ provider or to suggest one that you think should be, contact us.

Andy Pace, CSI



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