Retailers Join Degree Of Green™
Product Rating, Merchandising Program

Waukesha, Wis., April 3, 2008 -- A merchandising and green product rating program that positions retailers as knowledge leaders in healthy home building and improvement products now has participating stores in Florida, Georgia, and Oregon.

The retailers, in St. Petersburg, Fla., Atlanta, Ga. and Corvallis, Ore., are now participating in Degree Of Green™, a product rating and merchandising system launched this year by Wisconsin green building products expert Andy Pace.

The new Degree Of Green™ retailers are:

“We’re excited to have these retailers in the Degree Of Green™ program,” said Pace, creator of Degree Of Green™. “We know this system will help position retailers as knowledge leaders in the world of green and healthful home building and home improvement products.”

Degree Of Green™ is the first national building products ratings program designed for retailers.

The foundation of the Degree Of Green™ system is a library of data sheets that rate specific green building products based on their green, sustainable and health attributes. For each of those attributes, products are rated on a 1-4 scale, with a rating of 4 going to products that have:

  • the least adverse effects on human health
  • the highest level of environmental sustainability
  • the least adverse effects on the environment

Pace and two other nationally recognized green building experts, Lyn Falk of Healthy Style TV and Solterra Studios, and Mike Fallarino, a paint and finishes consultant, form the Degree Of Green™ product rating panel.

“The Degree Of Green™ system allows retailers to help homeowners and contractors to make educated and immediate decisions regarding the green and health qualities of products they purchase for home building or improvement projects,” said Pace, who has worked with green and healthy building products for the last 10 years. “Through merchandising materials and promotional activities, the system also clearly identifies participating retailers as green experts in their communities.”

Along with a library of product data sheets, participating retailers receive a full package of promotional materials such as shelf talkers, ceiling and window display signs, advertising campaigns and other merhcandising and public relations materials and support. The program includes a web site,, that offers information on products, participating retailers and manufacturers and that will include discussion groups for product feedback. On-going training to gain premium-level certification is also available.

“Degree Of Green™ gives us the advantage of having an explanation for why a product is green and why it fits into our product line,” said Tom Chasm, president of HealthyHome in St. Petersburg. “Hopefully, it will guide the consumer to choose more wisely and continue the education process,” he added.

“On a daily basis we educate people about the importance of choosing the correct product for the job and why green products are good,” Chasm added. “We come from a background of supplying people with the healthiest choices to replace the toxic alternatives we’re all familiar with. Green doesn’t always mean healthy, and we have tried to be aware of that distinction when we add products to our line.”

In western Oregon, Your Green Home owner David Graetz said the Degree Of Green™ system will be especially important in substantiating the value of green and healthy home improvement products for consumers who are new to green.

“They want substance, especially when they dabble in green,” Graetz said of consumers who are just starting to explore the world of green and healthy products. “Information from the Degree Of Green™ program “will make it safe for them,” he added.

Retailers around the country have been looking for support in their efforts to explain the value of green and healthy home building products.

“We’ve been waiting a long time for a program like this,” said Audrey Franklin, founder and president of Pure Life Healthy Homes in Atlanta. “Our customers are counting on us to know which products are truly green and healthy. With the Degree Of Green™ program, that knowledge is readily available.”

HealthyHome’s Chasm also appreciates the consolidated source of information available through Degree Of Green™.

“There is a flood of information on the market, so there is a need for a single-source provider of good, deep information on products; Degree Of Green™ is that source,” said Chasm, who also lauded the rating system’s “objective, impartial” presentation of information.

Retailers interested in participating in the Degree Of Green™ system can get more information on the Degree Of Green™ web site or by contacting Pace at 800-697-5371. Manufacturers interested in the program also are encouraged to contact Pace.

About Degree Of Green™:

Degree Of Green™ is the first national building products ratings and merchandising program designed for retailers.

Degree Of Green™ helps retailers educate consumers and contractors about the real impact of “green” home improvement and home building products on the environment and on human health.

Degree Of Green™ rates products on four levels, with a rating of 4 going to products that have:

  • the least adverse effects on human health

  • the highest level of environmental sustainability

  • the least adverse effects on the environment

Each Degree Of Green™ data sheet describes a product, its composition, advantages and raw materials sourcing, and offers comparative data.

Degree Of Green™ is a trademark owned by Degree Of Green™ LLC, a Wisconsin company.

Contact: Andrew Pace,1-262-719-1436


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