Degree of Green Will Help Call Attention to Green, Health Aspects of Manufacturers' Products

Thanks for your interest in the new Degree of Green™ rating system. We’re excited about this new way for retailers to help consumers and contractors make knowledgeable choices about home building and improvement products that are advertised as green and healthy. And we’re thrilled to hear so much interest in the program from manufacturers.

Retailers Will Be Contact Points

The Degree of Green™ rating system was created to help consumers and contractors determine the real impact of “green” home improvement and home building products on the environment and on human health. They will gain that knowledge through retailers who participate in the Degree of Green™ program.

Retailers across the country are joining the program. They benefit by becoming greater knowledge resources for their clients, helping customers make buying decisions that reflect the customers’ wants and needs.

Manufacturers Benefit

The program benefits manufacturers by bringing further attention to the environmental and health attributes of their products. By participating, manufacturers will have their products expertly reviewed for their health, sustainability and environmental factors. Data sheets include product advantages, source information and other summary information clarifying green qualities. Manufacturers will be able to link to this web site and will be highlighted as an official Degree of Green™ member.

In addition, participation in the program will qualify manufacturers to license use of the Degree of Green™ logo and ratings graphic for their marketing campaigns, web site and labeling. Use of the Degree of Green™ system will be supported by our ongoing national marketing and publicity campaigns.

Manufacturer Licensing Investment

Manufacturers are not charged an up front cost for a product review. However once completed if a manufacturer desires to use the review for marketing purposes a licensing cost goes into effect for a twelve month period (renewable). Manufacturers can leverage their review for customer marketing by utilizing the ratings graphic logo with their rate displayed, Degree of Green™ logo signifying that a particular product has been reviewed, the completed review for use on web sites or handouts, highlights of their reviewed product (s) at the new site and other marketing pieces. Use of the Degree of Green™ reviews and all licensing is subject to a standards program.

The licensing investment varies depending upon the number of products rated. Generally the investment would be: $2,500 per product per year for up to four products, $1,750 per product per year for 5-19 products, and $1,000 per product per year for 20 products and up. The Degree of Green™ standards program will provide details on approvals for exact size and use of color for logos and ratings graphics. All participating manufacturers must link their web sites with the Degree of Green™ web site.

How to Apply a Product for Rating

We are happy to consider your products among those to be reviewed for the Degree of Green™ program. Our panel requires sufficient information to review products accurately, and relies on manufacturers to provide some of that information. You can provide that information via the Degree of Green™ Product Review Sheet. Just call us to have a review sheet sent to you.

While we will be asking for as much information as possible, we respect your need to withhold proprietary information.

Once we have your product information in hand, we will determine whether we have enough information to provide a review that meets the Degree of Green™ program standards.

Program Launched in January

The Degree of Green™ program was launched in January 2008.

We welcome your thoughts and insights on the rating of green building and home improvement products.

We are sure you are aware, the rising demand for green and healthy building products has been coupled with significant confusion among consumers and contractors. Together, we can help reduce that confusion and, through the expanded use of green and healthy products, promote a better world and healthier living spaces. Contact Andy Pace, CSI, at the phone number listed below.

Degree of Green™


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