Marketing Program Positions Retailers as Experts on Attributes of Green Home Building Products

Degree of Green comprehensive marketing support posterRetailers now have the tools to position themselves as knowledge leaders in their respective communities with a comprehensive marketing and positioning program offered by the creators of the Degree of Green™ program.

For years, retailers have been left to answer customers' green questions with limited resources and without a uniform communications program for support. Additionally, receiving media attention in communities for retail store activities and product lines has been challenging.

Now with the aid of the Degree of Green™ program, retailers have instant information to offer their customers.

That information comes through the detailed Degree of Green™ data sheets, source cards (listing final manufacturer locations and percentage and location of raw materials), rating cards, and a versatile print advertising program. That's all supported by an interactive web site and publicity to support the Degree of Green™ program.

A comprehensive merchandising signage program will help retailers capture walk-in traffic and direct customers to green and healthy products. The program will help retailers communicate their green and healthful products and services not only to customers but also to local media.

Most customers interested in health and environmentally safe products are involved consumers who research products. Now with Degree of Green™, retailers can satisfy that customer interest, helping them to make informed purchases.

Customers will appreciate and value the information retailers offer them through the Degree of Green™ data sheets. Each sheet details the health, environmental and sustainable attributes of a specific product. So if a customer has a greater concern in health, for example, the retailer will be able to point out products that meet that customer's desires to a higher degree.

Retailers who participate in Degree of Green™ will receive digital files of all the documents needed to make the program a success in their stores. The package will include a marketing standards document that details how the documents should be printed and used. Documents you will be able to have printed include:

  • Signage, including:
    • Window posters
    • Shelf talkers
    • Ceiling hanging posters
  • Information pieces:
    • Rate cards
    • Source cards (describing carbon footprint information)

Through your participation in the Degree of Green™ program, you also will receive the following support:

  • Public relations:
    • Publicity and exposure through
    • Professionally written press releases to garner local media coverage
  • Advertising campaign:
    • Print ready ad campaign
  • Web site:
    • will continually update you and your customers with information on green products. By becoming a member to the Degree of Green™ program your store information will be listed in the store finder.

Following are samples of Degree of Green™ marketing posters:

Non-Toxic Products Sold Here posterDegree  of Green sustainability poster

Degree of Green environment hanging posterDegree of Green health hanging posterDegree of Green sustainability hanging poster


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