Rating Sheets Are the Heart of Degree of Green™

AFM Safecoat rating sheetProducts rating sheets are at the heart of the Degree of Green™ program. Retailers who participate in the program will receive an ongoing stream of rating sheets for their Degree of Green™ libraries, which also will include marketing support materials.

Product ratings are based on the opinions of Andrew Pace, Lyn Falk and Michael Fallarino -- a panel of nationally recognized experts in green and healthy home building products and environments. (See the Panelists Page for more on the team.)

The rating sheets judge products in three areas:

  • Health
  • Sustainability
  • Environment

Within those categories, a rating of 1 to 4 is applied, with 4 given to products that have the least adverse effects on human health and the health of the planet.

The sheets include product information on the following areas:

  • Product advantages
  • Product disadvantages
  • Vendor
    • location
    • product categoryAFM Safecoat rating sheet Page 2
    • certification
    • target user
  • Source information
    • location of final manufacturing
    • raw materials sourcing
  • Product summary
  • Panelists' conclusions

The Degree of Green™ ratings designate the degree to which the rated product stacks up against traditional materials as well as other green products in the same category.

There are many reasons why a product is considered green. The Degree of Green™ program allows consumers to choose what green attributes are most important to them, then act as their guide toward their needs and desires.


  • Andrew Pace, 1-800-697-5371


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