Degree of Green™ Will Position Retailers as Knowledge Leaders

Thank you for your interest in the new Degree of Green™ rating system. We’re excited about this new way to help consumers and contractors make knowledgeable choices about home building and improvement products that are advertised as green and healthy.


Contact Andy Pace to learn how to become a Degree Of Green™ participating retailer.

The Degree of Green™ program was created as a tool for retailers to help consumers and contractors determine the real impact of “green” home improvement and home building products on the environment and on human health.

Program Positions Retailers As Knowledge Leaders

The program also will benefit retailers. The Degree of Green™ program, with its full digital package of support materials to complement its library of rating sheets, will help position retailers as knowledge leaders in the world of green and healthy home building and improvement products. That position will strengthen relationships with existing clients and will attract new customers.

Degree of Green retailer support posterSystem Includes Communications Program and Consulting Support

Retailers’ local use of the Degree of Green™ system will be supported by a communications standards program including; window posters, ceiling posters, rating cards, source cards (identifying final location of manufacturing and raw material sources), shelf talkers, this web site and other merchandising and marketing support pieces enabling them to easily and quickly leverage their position as leaders in educating consumers and contractors in their respective markets. Materials will be distributed digitally, allowing retailers to print quantities specific to their respective stores. On-going support of the system and marketing consulting will be available throughout the subscription time for each retailer. See the Marketing Support Page for more details.

Program is Accepting Retailers

The Degree of Green™ program was officially launched in January. Retailers from around the country are signing up as charter members of the program. They receive a full package of marketing and support materials to help them take full advantage of Degree of Green™. Additional support materials are being prepared for participating retailers.

Custom Ratings To Be Available

Participating retailers can request specific product ratings in addition to those we will regularly provide for the Degree of Green™ library. Contact Andy Pace to discuss any products at your retail operation that you want to be rated.

In the meantime, we welcome retailers’ thoughts and insights on the rating of green building and home improvement products.

Introductory Pricing For Charter Members

We invite retailers to become charter members of the Degree of Green™ program. Charter members will benefit from introductory pricing.

Charter members also will benefit by being the first to powerfully respond to the widespread confusion among the growing number of consumers who want to use green and healthy home building and improvement products.

We at Safe Building Solutions are looking forward to having retailers from throughout the country as Degree of Green™ partners and charter members.

Contact Andy Pace, developer of the Degree of Green™ program, at 1-262-719-1436

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