Additional Manufacturers Sponsoring

Degree Of Green™ Program

Waukesha, Wis., Oct. 27, 2008 -- Three additional manufacturers of green building and home improvement products have agreed to sponsor Degree Of Green™, an independent rating system created to help consumers determine the health, sustainability and green attributes of products.

“We are pleased that manufacturers recognize the value of this independent rating system,” said Andy Pace, creator of Degree Of Green™. Pace, a long-time green building expert, is joined by other nationally recognized sustainability authorities in reviewing products.

The three new manufacturers in Degree Of Green™ are American Clay, ERSystems and FireCrystals. Each will be able to display the Degree Of Green™ logo on their respective reviewed products and in company communications pertaining to reviewed products.

American Clay, based in Albuquerque, N.M., manufactures wall plasters from clay found in natural sources, minerals and pigments that are mixed on-site with water. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to cement, gypsum, acrylic and lime plasters, and is compatible with breathable construction recommended for both historic and new buildings. The product is for residential or commercial use.

ERSystems, of Rockford, Minn., produces Eraguard elastometric top coatings for commercial or industrial roofs. Because the coatings are highly reflective, a building’s heating and cooling costs can be reduced. Because the product is a top-coat, existing roofing materials can stay in place rather than go to a landfill.

FireCrystals, of Paso Robles, Calif., produces tempered glass balls that are an environmentally friendly alternative to wood or artificial logs for fireplaces and backyard fire pits. The FireCrystals come in a wide variety of colors and color blends. They are heated by a natural gas flame but retain heat much longer than artificial logs. As a replacement for wood, they do not produce smoky particulate matter that can be harmful to human health and that can add to air pollution.

Manufacturers that sponsor Degree of Green™ benefit by utilizing the Degree Of Green™ logo on their communications programs and product packaging (pertaining to products reviewed), reciprocal linking of their web sites to the Degree Of Green™ web site, and communicating their sponsorship of the system to the retail community, thereby gaining credibility for their products.

In addition to the manufacturers’ sponsorship program, Degree Of Green™ offers participating retailers the opportunity to share product rating sheets with customers and to benefit from additional merchandising and educational support materials, along with the web site, to promote their green building products expertise.


About Degree Of Green™:

Degree Of Green™ is the first national building products ratings and merchandising program designed for retailers.

Degree Of Green™ helps retailers educate consumers and contractors about the real impact of “green” home improvement and home building products on the environment and on human health.

Degree Of Green™ rates products on four levels, with a rating of 4 going to products that have:

  • the least adverse effects on human health

  • the highest level of environmental sustainability

  • the least adverse effects on the environment

Each Degree Of Green™ data sheet describes a product, its composition, advantages and raw materials sourcing, and offers comparative data.

Degree Of Green™ is a trademark owned by Degree Of Green™ LLC, a Wisconsin company.

Contact: Andrew Pace,1-262-719-1436


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